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Farscape - Suns and Lovers

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Moya are taking it easy at an interstellar bar which is being racked by storms. Onboard, Dominar Rygel XVI is spying on Chiana whilst she's having sex with Jothie, Captain Ka Dargos son. When the storm hits worst than before, heavy damage occurs. A group of young aliens are trapped so Aeryn Sun and John Crichton try to track them down. It's soon discovered that the storm that caused the damage was directed to the base by a signal inside the station. Stark starts to hunt the signals using Moya's DRDs and soon finds they are being emitted by the head of security. She turns into a giant magnet and sticks to the ceiling of the bar therefore preventing anyone from pulling her free. The only way in which they can break her free is to have a bigger attraction for the woman than the ceiling. After locating the a stronger attraction source for the Security head and pulling her down, they lock her into a casket and take her onboard the Moya. D'argo finds out about his son and Chiana and goes into a rage. He leaves the ship to free cables connecting Moya to the station but doesn't return once he's done. This prompts John to go out and save him. Once free, Moya leaves the docking bay as Aeryn finds the trapped aliens. The alien magnet breaks free from her casket and attaches herself to the ceiling of Moya prompting John to eject her into space.

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