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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Take Me Out to the Holo-Suite

Epsiode Synopsis

When Captain Solok, a Vulcan captain that has a past with Captain Benjamin Sisko arrives on the station, Solok wastes no time in challenging Sisko to another competition. The competition this time round will be baseball which will take place in the holodeck. In the past, the two captains had been rivals. After being made upset, Sisko had attempted to beat Solok at wrestling where the human lost decisively dues to the Vulcan's superior strength. This time, Solok chooses to play baseball.

On accepting the challenge, Sisko gets a baseball team together but their skill at the game is a little disconcerting for Sisko who wants to win the game against his one time rival. With Constable Odo in charge as the match referee, what can go wrong. Odo threatens to boot Sisko out of the game for unsporting behaviour. Sisko prevails with the only run scored by the Feregeni Rom.

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