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Take the Celestra - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

At a ceremony to congratulate Kronos on becoming a Commander, Lieutenant Starbuck sees an old flame Aurora at the ceremony. After the ceremony, Starbuck tries to see Aurora but she's not interested. Aurora returns to the Celestra, her ship with the now Commander Kronos.

Starbuck comes up with a weak excuse to go to the Celestra. Capt. Apollo is not interested in the reason but is willing to go with Starbuck to the Celestra on a flimsy excuse. Cassiopeia is upset but doesn't stand in Starbuck's way of going to the Celestra.

When Starbuck and Apollo reach the Celestra, they arrive at the time that a mutiny is happening with Aurora involved as a mutineer. The mutiny is defeated. Starbuck comes face to face with Aurora but neither shoot each other. All the mutineers are put onboard a Colonial Raptor and are to be taken to the Galactica. Kronos goes with the Apollo and Starbuck.

What they believe is halfway to the Galactica is a dead end, the stand-in commander of the Celestra has tricked Apollo and Starbuck to go in the wrong direction and that their power is now running low. Apollo and Starbuck work with the mutineers to get the ship back on track and head back to the Celestra. Once on the Celestra, the mutineers and the Galactica staff work together to gain control of the Celestra. During the retaking, Kronos is killed.

There is a ceremony led by Commander Adama for Commander Kronos as he is fired into space in a casket. Commander Adama hadn't expected to be doing the eulogy so soon after commending Kronos on promotion.

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