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Farscape - Taking the Stone

Epsiode Synopsis

Chiana begins to feel pain in her stomach but John Crichton isn't interested. As a result, she takes Aeryn Suns craft down to the planet below. Chrichton, Rygel and Aeryn follow her and see her doing something which they believe is hurting but she is enjoying it. The inhabitents of the planet feed on pain and risk. They say they know what they are doing, Aeryn and Crichton are less than convinced. Dominar Rygel XVI returns to Moya with treasures he has found on the planet. Captain Ka Dargo goes mad but Rygel refuses to take them back. Chiana explains that her brother has died, she had something inside that told her it had happened. She wants to stay and 'take the stone'. This involves jumping down a large hole and hoping that she survives by creating a sonic cushion at the bottom. One of the inhabitents says its the only way they can stay alive. Crichton orders Pau Zotoh Zhaan to find out whats killing the people. Crichton and Aeryns pleas with Chiana falls on deaf ears. Zhaan tells Chricton that the reason why they are dying is because the rocks are amplifying the radiation on the planet and if they move closer to the surface of the planet, they will live longer. The man who seems to be the leader rejects their advice. Chiana finally comes round to the other crew members thinking but feels she has to do the jump to prove herself. She does the jump and survives. The treasures that Rygel had bought aboard from the planet exhibits supernatural powers and so he decides to take it back down to the planet.

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