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Farscape - TGIF, Again

Epsiode Synopsis

After going into a Luxan rage, D'argo leaves Moya for the planet they're circling. Dominar Rygel XVI, Pau Zotoh Zhaan, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun visit the planet. The people all wear the same red uniforms and look as though they are peasant farmers. John is ambushed by a group of aliens and a worm is inserted into his stomach. When John catches up with Captain Ka Dargo, the latter is pleased to see him and welcomes him with open arms. D'argo doesn't want to leave and in time, Zhaan feels the same way. The aliens farm a large beetroot vegetable. When Rygel starts experiencing medical problems, Aeryn takes him back to Moya to sort out the problem. Whenever Rygel expires, an explosion occurs when the liquid hits something. John does a bit of investigating and discovers the aliens are being forced into the farming way of life by the Peacekeepers. The crop producing the chemicals needed for the Peacekeeper weapons. He confronts the aliens about this before leaving with his team.

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