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Epsiode Synopsis

Just another normal day on Moya but with the addition of two not one John Crichtons, arguing over which is the real one and which is the clone. To stop the incessant arguing, Aeryn Sun splits the two up, one to help Stark the other to watch Crais. Bialar Crais is currently receiving medical attention by Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis better known as Jools. Bialar Crais is currently unconscious due to what happened in the previous episode.

On the surface, Ka D'argo, Chiana and Rygel are attempting to broker a business deal to buy chromextin which when given to Talyn, the warship will help him to get better. Chiana gets hit upon by a person in the bar and D'argo comes to her rescue at the same time the deal falls through.

When Crais awakens from his sleep, he talks to Aeryn and gives her a video chip that reveals that Aeryn's mum Xhalax had her daughter out of love and against all Peacekeeper regulations. According to information that Crais has been able to obtain, Xhalax is in charge of the group that is tracking the crew of Moya.

Moya and Talyn are attacked from the planets defences. The crew have two decisions, one to go out of the atmosphere to get out of missile range or to attack the incoming weapons. The two crafts lower down into the planet atmosphere and threaten the people ordering the firing of the misses. Crichton is invited to meet the Governor face to face which he agrees to. The daughter of the Governor, Rinic Sarova suggests they meet later to discuss the transaction which Crichton agrees to.

Later, Crichton meets Sarova and they enter a bar that Sarova owns. During the drink, there is a bomb explosion in the place and both of them are knocked out. Crichton is rescued by D'argo and Chiana, leaving Sarova on her own.

The injured Crichton is taken back on board Moya where he is seen to by Jools. Crichton requires a blood transfusion and the only compatible donor is the copy or is it the real one. The clone is a perfect copy of Crichton but which one is which. The uninjured Crichton returns to the planet to complete the transaction. Rinic Tolven, one of the leaders sons challenges Crichton saying he should be injured but isn't. A squid like creature is attached to Crichton that forces Crichton to answer a couple of questions honestly, because the Crichton is not the same one as earlier, he is able to answer all the questions truthfully. The Governor agrees to Crichtons request and hands over the Chromextin as agreed.

The Chromextin is taken up to the ship and fed into one of Talyns tubes but the chemical turns out to have been tainted by another chemical. Crichton returns to the surface for a few questions from the Governors. He grabs hold of Tolven and attaches the creature that had been attached to Crichton earlier and asks him questions. Tolven is found to be telling the truth about corrupting the chromextin but when he says he is a good and loyal son, the creature kills Tolven. Crichton returns to Moya where the two leviathans take off, one Crichton in Moya, the other in Talyn.

On the planet, Sarova in the comfort of her private bar starts to writher in pain as she turns into a Colarta alien, a chameleon life form.

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