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The Banks of The Lethe - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

In order to get the Perseids on board with his plan to recreate The Commonwealth, Dylan Hunt has allowed some Perseid scientists to study the black hole that had had him trapped for three hundred years. It brings back memories of his love, Sara Riley . Rev Bem suggests to him that he should send a message through the black hole in the hope that it might travel back in time.

The message in a bottle style message works and the message is actually picked up by Sara's ship three hundred years in the past. Sara sends back a message which is picked up by the Ascendant. The two lovers start communicating with one another.

Seamus Harper is experimenting with teleportation equipment with the Perseids and discovers that he can send items into the past albeit unsuccessfully. Dylan decides to take the chance and travel back into the past. Dylan had managed to successfully send back a holographic image of himself.

In Sara time, her ship is under attack by a nietzschean battle cruiser. They use the anti-gravity pods that Sara had bought along to pull the Ascendant out of the black hole on the battle cruiser to increase its weight and get it sucked into the black hole therefore destroying it.

Dylan teleports over to Sara ships and spends some short time with her. In the "present", the Ascendant is attacked by a Nietzschean cruiser which complicates matters. When Dylan travelled over, he had bought over a wrist strap for Sara to wear so she could be pulled into the future but it doesn't work. The teleporter can't bring both people to the future so Dylan travels back to the future and leaves Sara behind.

Rommie tells Dylan that the work that Sara had done to attempt to pull the Ascendant from the black hole had made it possible for the Eureka Maru to pull it out fully.

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