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V - The Betrayal

Epsiode Synopsis

Willie gets shot whilst meeting a member of the Fifth Column and barely makes it back to the Resistance hideout. Ham Tyler and Mike Donovan kidnap a Visitors doctor but he turns out to be a medical student but one who is able to perform the necessary work to save Willie's life.

Diana orders John, the supposedly human who met Robin Maxwell in The Hero to get closer to Robin so that they can procreate and hopefully produce another star child like Elizabeth Maxwell. When John tries to make a move on Robin, his attempt is too strong and he is rebuffed.

After the medical student, Howard is able to save Willie's life with the held of the Star Child's magical powers, the Resistance leaders have to decide what to do with Howard. Ham wants to kill him as he's a Visitor but MIke is not too sure. Howard says he thinks recognises John from somewhere but can't remember where. In order to save his life, Howard says he has information on arms movements by Charles contrary to the agreement the Visitors made with Nathan Bates about the city being a weapon free zone. Mike and Ham go with Howard to the hospital where they see a weapon being moved into the hospital and decide to attack. It is during the attack that Howard finally remembers where he has seen John but is knocked out before he can alert the resistance. When the plan nearly goes pear shaped, John has captured Robin and is about to kill her, Howard appears and kills John.

Charles persuades Mr Chiang to kill Nathan Bates and then take over Science Frontiers. Mr Chiang likes the idea.

Kyle Bates visits his father in hospital and agrees to help Nathan to escape and during the escape, they come across Mr Chiang who kills Nathan. Kyle manages to escape into the lift but returns later to kill Mr Chiang in revenge for his fathers murder.

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