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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - The Changing Face of Evil

Epsiode Synopsis

Ambassador Worf and Lt. Ezri Dax return to Deep Space Nine after being released by Damar. Their release is countered by the fact that the Dominion along with their new allies the Breen have attacked and destroyed Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco.

Kai Winn fully converts to the cause of the Pah-wraiths under the influence of Gul Dukat who is disguised as Anjol Tennan. When Vedek Solbor, Winn's adviser reveals that Anjol is actually Dukat, Winn stabs Vedek. When the blood runs over the pages of the Kosst Amojan, the words of the book that Kai Winn had been studying reveal themselves.

Damar who in the last episode released Worf and Ezri is now working to undermine and destroy the Dominions grip on the Cardassians by joining up with rebels and sympathetic commanders and launches a successful and surprise attack on a Dominion outpost.

USS Defiant - NX-74205 is lost in a battle between the Federation and the Breen. Captain Benjamin Sisko has no option but to order the evacuation of the Defiant. When news comes to Sisko that Damar has launched a devastating attack on the Dominions cloning facility, Sisko is adamant that they (Federation) must help Damat in his uprising.

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