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Farscape - The Choice

Epsiode Synopsis

Still not over the death of Crichton, Aeryn leaves Talyn and visits the planet Valldon. It is said that this planet is where people can contact the dead. She hopes to contact John Crichton but is not prepared for who she will meet. Stark and Dominar Rygel XVI visit the planet to find Aeryn. However they spot Xhalax Sun who they had believed to be dead. Aeryn is having flashbacks of previous episodes with Crichton, mainly from 'The Locket' episode. She meets someone who says can help her then reveals that he is actually Talyn, her father. A DNA test reveals that he is indeed her father. Talyn leaves Aeryn to fetch a mystical creature. Talyn rendezvous with Xhalax where they talk before he goes with the creature ( A Seer ) in a box to see Aeryn. Stark confronts Crais about their near encounter with Xhalax and confesses not to have killed her. They return to the planet to rescue Aeryn. Whilst Aeryn and Talyn are talking, Xhalax gatecrashes the meeting. She kills Talyn then as she goes to kill Aeryn Sun, Bialar Crais bursts in and kills Xhalax. The crew then return to the Talyn space craft where Stark announces he is leaving.

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