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V - The Conversion

Epsiode Synopsis

Ham Tyler and Kyle Bates launch an attack on a Visitor convoy but it is a trap and Kyle and Ham are captured and taken to the Visitor Mothership.

On board the Mothership, a signal is received telling Diana that Prospero carrying the Leaders special envoy, Charles is on his way. When Charles arrives, he isn't alone, he has Lydia who survived an earlier attempt on her life to return back to their home planet. Charles is now assuming total command of the war effort and Diana is returned to the post of Chief Science Officer. Lydia is now second in command. Lydia announces that she wishes to visit somewhere and Diana instructs that a message be sent to the destination but as messages are monitored by the Resistance, the message is not sent by the soldier, instead Diana sends the message.

The message that Diana sends is intercepted by the Resistance who capture Lydia when she touches down on the ground.

Charles has plans for Ham, he takes Ham to an interrogation chamber where he puts memories into Ham that see Mike Donovan personally processing Ham's wife and daughter as food. The plan is to make Ham assassinate Donovan at a hand over between Kyle Bates and Lydia live on television.

Kyle Bates manages to escape from captivity but is later captured in a Visitor gym where there are two Visitors without skin talking to him.

Ham is rescued by the resistance who are unaware that he has been brainwashed.

Charles goes on television to announce that Kyle will be released in return for Lydia. The location is an abandoned sports centre which is chosen by the resistance.

At the sports centre, Elizabeth Maxwell is aware of the things going on in Ham Tylers mind and when Ham is about to assassinate Donovan, she causes a light to fall on Ham, therefore not shooting Mike but shoots Nathan Bates instead. Kyle shows his true feelings for his dad and runs over to his dad. The Resistance and the Visitors turn on one another but both groups escape.

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