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Doctor Who - The Curse of the Black Spot

Epsiode Synopsis

When someone gets a cut onboard the Pirate ship, they gain a black mark on their hand. Minutes later a bluish female emerges from the water to claim the person who then disappears.

The Doctor arrives on board the pirate ship where he's taken prisoner and then forced to walk the plank. Amy Pond is taken down below as booty. In the room that Amy is put in, she finds a pirate outfit with a sword and escapes. Amy shows how deadly she is with the sword and is able to fend off the pirates, cutting one of them. A Siren ghostly figure appears and claims the injured pirate.

Rory is injured in the melee and he has a black spot on his hand, Amy manages to protect Rory so that he's not taken by The Siren. Rory starts acting stupid which what the other pirates who were taken did.

The Doctor reveals that the creature is coming via the water as the Siren had not only come from the water outside but from inside also. They move to the armoury to protect themselves as its the driest place on the ship. They discover when they move into the armoury that the Pirate's son, Toby had stowed away onboard in a barrel which has disappointed the Pirate Leader.

To compound matters, the Tardis disappears on its on volition.

Rory gets knocked overboard and in order to save him, The Doctor releases the Siren who zooms off. The Siren had earlier been captured by the doctor and placed in the barrel.

The Doctor decides its time that they are captured by the Siren to see where they are taken. The Pirate Captain (Henry Avery) and Amy Pond agree and they cut their hands. They wake up onboard an alien space ship and discover what is going on. The Spaceship is in another reality but the same time and space. The alien crew members are dead, killed by common bacteria from Earth. The Siren is the ships medical officer who when she saw the cut would come to their rescue.

The Survivors find the rest of those who had been captured, all lying on boards. The Siren appears and Doctor tells Amy that Amy must give consent before she can touch Rory which Amy does. They take Rory back to the Tardis where Amy performs First Aid on Rory to revive him.

The Captain is joined by his crew as he takes his new ship into space.

The Pirate Captain was revealed in the episode as being Henry Every who was a real life pirate. Henry Every was born in 23 August 1659, Newton Ferrers, Devon and died forty years later in Bideford, Devon. Every started off in the Royal Navy but left aged thirty to do slave trader. There's too much to actually write about the person here, its probably best to read about him else where. On screen, he was played by Hugh Bonneville. Ref: Golden Age of Piracy

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