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The Devil Take the Hindmost - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Rev Bem receives a message from a Priest from the religious cult that Rev Bem is a member of asking for help. Rev Bem persuades Dylan Hunt to help his friends in need.

Dylan and Rev visit the planet whilst Rebekah Valentine and Tyr Anasazi deal with a different problem. The Priest has been having trouble with some slavers who have been kidnapping some of the community. The Priest is set against the idea of training his flock in weaponry and after Dylan has taught them how to use the weapon he uses, the Priest destroys the stock. When the Slavers attack, the community have to use the weapons they had used before. Rev and Dylan do the best they can with the slavers from outside the town walls.

The Priest carries out a sermon during the attacks and is killed. Dylan and the villagers manage to repel the attack by the slavers who leave.

Whilst Rev is meditating, he is attacked and taken away by one of the community. When Dylan finds Rev, Dylan discovers that the person who had kidnapped Rev has impregnated herself with Magog eggs. When the eggs are born, Rev takes it upon himself to look after the new Magog.

When the Slavers attack for a second time, the villagers run to the caves leading the Slavers into a trap with the Magog who are now adults having matured at a very fast rate. When the Magog finish with the Slavers, the Magog turn to the villagers. These Magog have some of the inherited memories that the villagers have and agree a truce.

Episode Details

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