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Battlestar Galactica - The Dirteaters

Epsiode Synopsis

In this episode, we learn more about Joseph Adama and his brother Sam upbringing on Tauron when they were just children. We learn about what happened to the parents. One night the youngsters witnessed a murder and Sam recovered the gun and hid it in his bedroom. The next day, inspectors from the government came to interrogate the family and find the gun. Sam and Joseph witness the interrogation of their parents. Sam and Joseph are hiding in a cupboard and watch everything that is going on. Sam shoots the inspectors then he shoots his father after his father begs him.

Daniel Graystone learns that all the heads of a number of companies have been killed and believes that he could be next. Daniel visits Sam where Daniel tries to find out where and when he will be killed. Daniel's project for the Taurons isn't proceeding as quickly as he had wanted and hoped he could persuade Sam to not do it.

Tamara Adama and Zoe Graystone avatars have become friends and they set about cleaning up New Cap City. They burst into a nightclub of sorts and tell people to leave but two people refuse to leave, those that refuse are armed with knives but the two women shoot the two men. They set about changing the place from new Cap City to something completely different. Daniel enters the virtual world and spots his daughter but she turns round and leaves before Daniel can talk to her.

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