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V - The Dissident

Epsiode Synopsis

Kyle Bates and Ham Tyler are waiting to intercept a weapons cargo on the out skirts of Los Angeles when the vehicle vaporises.

The vehicle had vaporised because Diana had installed a force field around the city. The force field didn't last for long and it went down.

Diana visits Nathan Bates and tells him that there is a secret tunnel for him to leave and enter the city.

With Willie's help, Ham and Mike kidnap a scientist who has information about the force field. The abducted Visitor tells them that the force field is the master mind of a scientist on the Visitor Mothership called Jacob.

Ham and Mike steal Visitor uniform and sneak aboard the mothership. Once on board the mothership, they rescue the scientist and escape, followed by Sirian Fighters hoping to force them into the force field which doesn't work. The Sirian Fighter containing Ham and Mike crashes but the occupants are picked up by the resistance.

On the ground, Kyle Bates has to deal with both Robin Maxwell and her daughter, Elizabeth Maxwell both confessing their love for him.

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