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The Dissonant Interval - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

The Andromeda Ascendant comes to the aid of a craft being attacked by ex-Commonwealth ships and sucessfully saves the crew. During a meeting with those onboard the saved craft, the leader reveals he has been to the Magog Worldship and done an armistace with the aliens which Dylan Hunt fails to accept. During the talk, the leader dies and the Magog start to hatch out of the body like the Xenomorphs of Alien horror films. Dylan Hunt and Seamus Harper blast the Magog to bits.

Dylan visits where the Ambassador had come from, an Arkology. The Arkology is a massive space station anchored to an asteroid, orbiting a planet. The Arkology is 35 km long by 8 km wide. Dylan sets about trying to persuade the Arkology to move but the inhabitants decide that they don't want to.

Rommie and Beka Valentine take a trip in the Eureka Maru to a distant planet where they discover Magog craft and the Worldship. The Eureka Maru returns to the Ascendant to tell them the bad news.

Telemachus Rhade finally finds someone he has taken a liking to and accepts her way of life, to avoid conflict. Dylan is failing to persuade the Arkology to move.

Only Beka Valentine wants to leave the Arkology to its devices and flee which Dylan decides not to get in her way.

When Rommie returns, she helps Seamus Harper to repair the Arkology slipstream drive. The drive is not ready in time for when Trance Gemini announces the Worldship has arrived. The Worldship fires on the Arkology.

Part 2

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