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Battlestar Galactica - The Eye of Jupiter

Epsiode Synopsis

It is the fourteenth day of a group of soldiers from Battlestar Galactica 2003 on the planet known just as Algae Planet. On the planet, the team are collecting supplies when Cpl. Tyrol hears a noise and goes off to investigate. What he finds in a cave is strange series of obelisks and what maybe the found Temple of the Eye of Jupiter. Jupiter is also the name of the largest planet in the solar system. Legend has it that the Eye of Jupiter can show the way to the thirteenth tribe and ultimately Earth. The Eye is a possible reference to the large red spot on the planet of Jupiter which is a storm that has been raging for years.

Commander William Adama and President Laura Roslin both agree that the Eye of Jupiter be something that is investigated and instructs a team of colonials to investigate the structure in the quickest way possible.

Four Cylon Basestar appear but they do not attack the Galactica fleet. Adama instructs the fleet to jump to hyperspace but it stays behind whilst there are people on the ground. The Cylon request a meeting and Adama and Roslin agree to the meeting. The Cylon representatives include the clone of Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) who shot Adama at the end of the first series. The boomer clone is not allowed as part of the meeting. The Cylon team includes Dr. Gaius Baltar who tries to provide reason between the humans and the Cylons. There is no agreement between the Cylons and the humans and so the Cylon delegate leave without a deal. The Cylons prevent all signals between the Galactica and the ground group and both teams play a waiting game. D'anna Briers clone orders a secret Cylon team on to the surface.

Whilst Galactica Sharon is alone with Boomer, Boomer reveals to Sharon that Sharon's daughter Hera is still alive and is on one of the Cylon Basestars. She confronts Adama who confronts the President with the news. The President reveals to Adama the truth who then Adama reveals to Lt. Helo and his Cylon wife.

Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) tries to organise the team to prevent the Cylons from attacking Earth. There is tension between Samuel Anders and Lee after the events of the fight night in the previous episode.

When Lt. Kara Thrace ( starbuck )'s Colonial Raptor takes a hit from a Cylon team, Samuel wants to go and rescue his wife but Lee Adama tries to stop him because he needs every one to defend the camp. Lee pulls a gun on Samuel to prevent him from going.

The planet team have to work fast because in addition to the Cylons, the star that the planet orbits is due to go supernova therefore destroying the planet and everyone on it.

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