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The Farm - Battlestar Galactica

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During a mission on Caprica, the Resistance movement containing Lieutenant Kara Thrace, ( Starbuck ), Lieutenant Helo and Samuel Anders are ambushed by an unseen enemy. Kara is shot during the attack and collapses. Kara wakes up in hospital where she is being seen to by Doctor Simon O'Neill. Simon manages to convince Kara that he is human where Kara then trusts him to look after her. Kara's belief in Simon begins to wane and Starbuck decides that she needs to escape. During a walkabout in the hospital after faking being anaesthetised, she discovers Simon talking to a Number Six clone and decides to escape. When Simon comes to check on Kara, she stabs the doctor in the neck and makes a run for it. During her escape, she comes across an area where there are a number of females including a biological Lieutenant Sharon Valerii rather than a Cylon Boomer is attached to a machine. Kara destroys the machines keeping the women alive and escapes.

When the resistance was under attack, Samuel and Helo escaped leaving Kara behind only to return later to see if she's still alive. There is no sign of Kara and then Boomer turns up. Boomer has a plan and tell the group.

Kara manages to escape from the hospital and is confronted by Simon's clone but is shot by the resistance. The resistance come under attack by Cylon Centurions and all looks lost until a Cylon fighter craft appears and shoots the Centurions allowing the resistance with Starbuck to escape.

Back at the resistance headquarters, Boomer tells the resistance about Farms where the Cylons are planning on procreation with Cylon and Humans. Samuel vows to destroy all farms. Samuel persuades Kara with the golden arrow to return to the fleet, Kara promises she'll return.

Also in the episode, Commander William Adama returns to the bridge of Battlestar Galactica to a loud round of applause. When President Laura Roslin starts to broadcast a religious message to the fleet, Adama vows to hunt down the President to stop her causing mutiny amongst the survivors. Roslin did the religious message as Captain Lee Adama couldn't bring himself to criticising his father

Commander Adama is cut up about the betrayal of Boomer and speaks to Cpl. Tyrol about what has happened. Adama reveals to Tyrol that there are many clones to be encounter, that is just one they've seen.

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