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The Final Cut - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Newsreporter D'anna Briers gets hold of a video that shows what happened on board the Gideon when Marines opened fire on protestors (Resistance) but before she can show it to the survivors, D'anna is invited to see the President Laura Roslin. At the meeting is also Commander William Adama and Col. Saul Tigh.

Roslin and Adama persuade D'anna not to show the video in return for unimpeded access to the lives and work of the crew of Battlestar Galactica. D'anna agrees to the request and begins her tour of the ship.

Tigh is called by Ellen Tigh as someone has broken into their room and scrawled in lipstick a message about the Gideon Massacre. Saul says he will protect his wife.

Amongst the incidents that D'anna is witness to is what seems to be a sabotage of Colonial Raptor that had planned to take Saul to Cloud 9 for a meeting. The video also witnesses some fighter crews relaxing, letting off steam and also negative moments of when they crack up.

When Cylon Raiders are spotted, Lieutenant Kara Thrace and Captain Lee Adama are scrambled to intercept the fighter. D'anna stays on the Galactica to witness what happens when the crews are out fighting and people like Cpl. Tyrol are preparing for the crews to come back.

When Lieutenant Sharon Valerii reveals to Lieutenant Helo, she is bleeding, Boomer is taken to Doctor Cottle to be looked after. D'anna witnesses what happens at the hospital and is persuaded to not show the video which she reluctantly agrees to not show it. What D'anna does show is a heartbreaking video of one of the crew admitting to taking drugs to cope. Tigh doesn't like the clip but Adama thinks its good to see that the soldiers are human after all.

When Saul returns to his wife, he is attacked by a Marine who can't forget the Gideon Massacre. Saul challenges the Marine to kill him but the Marine can't do it. In the end, Saul disarms the Marine peacefully.

The video is shown throughout the fleet and is watched in Cylon space by Aaron Doral, Number Six, Boomer and D'anna Biers clone.

It is the first episode to show D'anna Biers, played by Lucy Lawless. Lucy is more famous for being the brunette Xena.

Episode Details

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