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Farscape - The Flax

Epsiode Synopsis

Aeryn is teaching John how to pilot a transporter pod when their craft hits an invisible net. A Zenetan scientist called Staanz arrives on Moya saying he can help them get round the Flax. It's a net like object in space which has been put there by a band of pirates. D'argo takes a dislike to the character especially when he sees hes wearing Luxan boots. The only way he could be wearing those boots is if the Luxan was dead. Staanz offers to take his new friend to where he got them so D'argo agrees. Aeryn and John are still stuck, there's only one space helmet so John agrees that he will become unconscious whilst Aeryn does what she needs to do. When Staanz and D'argo leave, the Flax owners arrive on the ship and after scouting they are about to bid farewell when Rygel challenges the leader to a game. The game in question was introduced to the Moya crew by Staanz. Staanz takes D'argo to the Luxan wreck and Captain Ka Dargo contemplates as he believes his son may now be dead. Rygel takes the gambling one step too far and bets the knowledge of where Staanz is. Rygel looses and tells him despite Pau Zotoh Zhaan pleas. After the pirates leave, Rygel reveals he told them the wrong directions. After John is brought back to life by CPR, they begin to kiss passionately. It is interrupted by D'argo who arrives onboard and helps them off. Staanz wants D'argo to come with him or should that be her as Staanz is the female of the spieces. John Crichton is prompted by Staanz to ask about the female sebaceans which Aeryn Sun duely answers....

Copyright: Henson

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