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Doctor Who - The Girl in the Fireplace

Epsiode Synopsis

The Doctor takes the Tardis, Mickey and Rose to an empty space ship in the 51st Century. As they explore, they discover that the craft has portals to a French woman's life in the eighteenth century. The Doctor uses these portals to visit the woman at various points. Also visiting are clockwork robots who The Doctor confronts. It transpires the robots want to capture her when she is as old as the ship. When she reaches 37, the robots want her dead and take her brain back to the ship. The Doctor disarms the situation by closing off the robots link with the ship. With no link, the robots shut down. He returns to the ship after finding the woman has had the fireplace, where they first met installed in her room. He returns briefly to the 51st century before returning back to the woman too late as she has died. The Doctor returns back to the space ship and departs in the Tardis. The ship is named after the woman hence their interest in her.

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