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Doctor Who - The God Complex

Epsiode Synopsis

A policewoman is seen walking down a corridor, opening door and seeing things that she scares her. Eventually, she succumbs to the creature in the hotel. It transpires the place is an 80's hotel.

The Doctor and his companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams arrive at the hotel where they are greeted by a nurse, an alien and a geek. The alien face looks like a rat. The six need to survive the hotel. It is then revealed that there is a seventh person in the hotel which they rescue.

Over time, the number of people diminish as the creature attacks the people in the hotel. The only person who is unaffected by the monster is Rory Williams who keeps seeing exit signs but stays with the rest of the group.

The Doctor works out that the alien is feeding off faith rather than fear. The Doctor forces Amy to give up her faith, her faith in the Doctor to whats right after Amy sees her younger self in a room. The Alien eventually dies and the hotel is revealed to be a large virtual reality room for the alien. When the alien died, the virtual reality machine turned off. The place was a prison for the monster, a Minotaur creature.

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