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The Heavens Will Rise - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Daniel Graystone attempt at contacting his daughter Zoe has taken a step back when he kidnaps the virtual Tamara Adama. Zoe turns up and kills Daniel's avatar which means he can't return to the virtual world. Daniel confesses to his wife that he freaked out Zoe when she was in the U-87 model by setting her surrounding on fire, hoping to cause the machine to react. Daniel turns to Samuel Anders for help in the hope that Sam will be able to talk to Tamara whilst the Graystones talk to Zoe. The episode ends with Daniel, Sam and Amanda on horseback in the vitual world and that the two avatars know they're coming.

Also in the episode, Agent Jordan Durum persuades Amanda Graystone to swap holobands with Sister Clarice Willow so that the agent can find out information about the cult. Amanda manages to do the swap and when she meets Jordan for the handover, Jordan is shot by a sniper but his life is saved when Amanda returns to help him.

Lacy Rand is still at The Soldiers of the One training camp. During her training, she manages to override her superiors orders to execute someone. No one knows why and the persons life is saved. Lacy sneaks out during the night to discover if the robot she ordered has Zoe's avatar in it which it doesn't. Latter on, she is seen being passionate with a fellow trainee.

Clarice Willow find out that her family member, Ma-Beth who Clarice killed is actually innocent and wasn't the traitor in the family but it was actually Amanda. The holoband that Amanda stole has all the terrorist plans for the stadium attack.

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