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V - The Hero

Epsiode Synopsis

A group of humans attack the Science Frontiers stating that they are from the resistance and that they are after Nathan Bates but as Nathan is not there, the attackers leave empty handed.

The attackers are part of Charles and Lydia's plan to discredit the resistance. Charles shows off his new gadget to Diana and Lydia, a computer that can show a virtual Nathan Bates and talk as he does. Charles plans

Robin Maxwell goes to visit a printer who is friendly to the Resistance and becomes friends with a human called John. John is a reporter who has travelled the world and seen things. Three men in suits walk into the printers and take everyone hostage. Everyone is forced to take lots and when one of the prisoners gets a number one, John swaps numbers. A television broadcast is made to say that unless the members of the resistance hand themselves in, one prisoner will be executed until the Resistance leaders hand themselves in.

Elias Taylor and Willie are on a scouting mission when they are spotted and Elias is killed by a ray gun. Mike Donovan hands himself in to Charles to buy the rest of the resistance time to work on a rescue plan. Ham Tyler, Dr Juliet Parrish and Willie are able to distract the Visitors long enough for the prisoners to escape.

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