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Farscape - The Hidden Memory

Epsiode Synopsis

As Aeryn recouperates from her illness, John is undergoing painful interrogations by Scorpius and Crais. He is still being helped by Gilena and advised on how to cope with being but in the chair. Whilst not in the chiar, he shares a cell with Stark, a Banik slave.

Aeryn getting slightly better visits the planet where John is being held with the objective of rescuing him with the help of Pau Zotoh Zhaan and Captain Ka Dargo. Above Chiana and Rygel have to deal with the birth of Moya's child, a boy. John is able to hold out, even managing to fake his memory. Scorpius orders that Crais is put in the chair after seeing memories from John leading to the view that Crais is on friendly terms with John. Bialar Crais manages to put up a fight in the chair, with-holding information about an officer he killed at the end of 'That Old Black Magic'. It doesn't last and Crais has to give in. Aeryn Sun manages to sneak into the base and free both John and Stark. Before leaving, she faces Bialar Crais one last time to steal his security card. In the final showdown of the episode between Scorpius and John Crichton, Gilena is fatally shot

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