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Andromeda - The Honey Offering

Epsiode Synopsis

Tyr Anasazi advises Dylan Hunt that if he can get a Nietzshean Sabra woman to her Jaguar fiance then they would have a powerful ally against the Drago-Kazov Pride of Nietzscheans. Dylan agrees and takes custody of the future bride Elssbett Mossadim. Her acceptance of the crew doesn't go to plan, she demands and gets the observation deck as her living quarters and upsets the rest of the crew calling Trance a Purple Monkey.

Their journey to the wedding is interrupted by Drago-Kazov fighters led by Cuchulain. Cuchulain is a sworn enemy of Tyr. He justs wants the bride to stop the union. Under a carefully crafted plan, Dylan and Elissbett leave in the Eureka Mauru whilst the Andromeda Ascendant leads the fighters away.

Onboard the Eureka, Dylan finds out what the Sabra woman wants, she's on a suicide mission to kill the Jaguars. After a fight, the Elssbett wins and handcuffs Dylan so he can't interfere.

Beka discovers that the ships that are following the Andromeda Ascendant them are drones and doubles back on them.

Onboard a spacestation in an asteroid field, Dylan and Elissbett are resting when Cuchulain and his men have caught up with the pair. Dylan and Elssbett manage to escape from the chasing Nietzschean and get back into the Mauru where they meet up with Andromeda.

Instead of Dylan Hunt rejoining the rest of the crew onboard the Ascendant, Dylan takes the Eureka Maru to the Jaguar system. After a battle between the Jaguar and the Drago-Kavoz, the wedding goes ahead and Elssbett decides not to commit suicide after all.

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