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The Hub - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

The events in this episode takes place at the same time as the events in Sine Qua Non. The events follow the Doctor Gaius Baltar, President Laura Roslin and Lieutenant Helo on board the battered Cylon Basestar. The objective is to take out the Cylon Resurrection Hub so that Cylons are no longer able to download. The operation is going to involve both Colonial pilots and Cylons working together.

Brother John Cavil has resurrected the boxed D'anna Biers in the hope that D'anna can call to an end the Cylon War. After a discussion, D'anna ends up killing John and then gets dressed.

At the start, the Hybrid controlling the Basestar keeps causing the ship to jump. Every time the ship is jumping, President Laura Roslin keeps have a dream of being on an empty Battlestar with Priestess Elosha. Elosha keeps providing Laura with advice on what to do. It is the Priestess that persuade Laura to save Baltar's life when he is bleeding out during the fight. Baltar is hit during the fight and bleeds out badly. Laura tries to save his life but when Baltar confesses to having given the Cylons the defence codes, Laura unprotects the wound so that he may die.

Lieutenant Helo with a Lieutenant Sharon Valerii clone are going to sneak onto the Basestar and recover D'anna Briers before the pilots blast the heck out of the Hub. Once the Hub is destroyed, other Basestars round the Hub blow up. Now all the Resurrection Ships are worthless, they can no longer resurrect their Cylons. Now, the Cylons are like humans, once they die, they die for good.

The Basestar eventually jumps to where the Colonial Raptor containing Commander William Adama is and when William enters the Basestar, Laura and William hug.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeBattlestar Galactica - Revelations

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