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The Illusion of Majesty - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant comes out of slipstream and discovers an escape pod amongst debris with a young beautiful woman inside. The woman is played by Krista Allen. Dylan Hunt orders that the capsule is brought on board the Ascendant. The Ascendant comes under attack from other ships who want the contents of the capsule handed over to them. The weapons of the attacking craft is a corrosive toxic waste which eats into the Ascendant. Dylan invites representatives of the other craft to come onboard.

When the woman is revived, the people who had requested her return all bow to her with Rommie looking confused at what is happeneing. The woman is revealed to be Princess Taura of the Prolon sector.

Later, another ship arrives and say that they are monks and that the woman is a priestess and that they want her safe return. After a short engagement, the monks are invited on board the ship. The monks later on when they do not get access to the Princess so they turn on Seamus Harper and it is Tyr Anasazi's diplomacy that calms the monks down. The monks are armed with sticks and scream and tear off their clothes when they go into battle. In addition to diplomacy, Tyr destroys the Monks weapons by shooting the ends off. Dylan has fun screaming back at the monks and then chasing them.

A third group arrive and demand that Dylan hands over the Princess to them. The third group are invited on board. The third group is from the Ministry of Justice who wish to pass sentence on the Princess. The chief judge arrives onboard the ship and orders the Princess's execution but Dylan Hunt steps forward to prevent the execution from going ahead. The Judge agrees to a reconsideration of the sentence on board her ship.

An hour later, onboard the Justice ship, the Judge orders a retrial which is essentially a fight to the death. The Judge is an android. Dylan Hunt takes the Princess's position and fights to the end with someone known as the Prosecutor. Whilst the fight is going on, Seamus Harper and Tyr Anasazi try to hack into the Judge's computer banks to change the verdict. Dylan wins the fight but the Judge rules Dylan cheated. Before the Judge can pass sentence, Seamus hacks into the computer and changes the verdict.

Back on board the Ascendant, the Princess agrees to hand over all the jewellery that she stole. The Princess steals the Eureka Maru and leaves to fetch her stolen jewels and money. Rebekah Valentine catches the Princess and returns her back to the Ascendant. Dylan persuades the Princess to make a full and frank confession and atonement.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeTwilight of the Idols

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