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Doctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut

Epsiode Synopsis

The Doctor has been missing from the William's life but they discover that he's been seen throughout history, once in the court of a medieval king where he's found under the dress of a lady. The second time, he's part of the Great Escape group of the Second World War building a tunnel to escape. The Williams receive a postcard to travel to the United States.

Rory Williams and Amy Pond get off a bus in the middle of the Utah desert where they meet The Doctor whose lounging on a car. The Doctor announces that he wears Stetsons now which is then duly shot off by River Song. The four friends visit a beach by a river where they are interrupted by a astronaut. The Doctor goes off to investigate and is shot, the Doctor tries to regenerate but is shot and killed this time.

An old man comes over with an oil can and says he was advised to come to this time and place. The man introduces himself as Canton Everett Deleware III. The group place the Doctors body in a boat and set fire to it like in a Viking ceremony. The group excluding Canton visit a diner where they discover that the Doctor is still alive but its a younger doctor.

The group use the Tardis to travel back in time to 1969, the year that the first man is to walk on the moon. The Tardis lands in the White House where Richard Nixon is the president. Whilst the TARDIS is invisible, the invisibility doesn't extend to the Doctor who is captured by the Secret Service. The Doctor persuades the President to let him explain what is going on. The President has been receiving calls from a young girl calling herself Jefferson asking for help.

Amy Pond and Rory make themselves known to the President when they come out of the Tardis. When Amy goes to the toilet, she comes into contact with The Silence for the first time. When another toilet patron comes out of the cubicle, she is stunned to see the Silence there and when she turns her back, the Silence is forgotten until the woman turns back to Silence. Eventualy, the Silence tires of the woman and kills her with electricity.

The Doctor believes he has found the source of the calls and returns to the Tardis to travel there with his companions. Delaware travels with them.

At the other end, they come to a dark house where when they look out the window, they a road sign with Jefferson as a street which is where the little girl obtained her name from. The group explore the building, looking for any clues.

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