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The Lepers Kiss - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt reminisces with an old friend Man Ka-Lupe, when he drops a bombshell; someone called the Leper is out to kill him. Dylan takes the Andromeda Ascendant to Cassius Drift posing as someone working for the Leper and is looking to hire someone to help them. He interviews a number of people and decides to choose a female called Sasha which doesn't surprise Tyr Anasazi that he chose a female. Sasha is Leper sister and wants her brother dead. Sasha says that to capture the Leper, they would need the help of Crescent ( played by the actor behind Col. Saul Tigh in Battlestar Galactica ).

The group set out to rescue him from a Commonwealth prison by posing as husband and wife. Their plan falls through and are subsequently held in a cell. Dylan escapes using a small bomb device to bust open the cell door. Dylan is surprised to see that Tyr Anasazi and Rebekah Valentine have got themselves caught as well. After a fire fight, they escape through one level of security before reinforcements arrive.

Dylan persuades the prisons governor to let them go so they can capture the Leper. The Governor agrees to their request. The group land on Ka-Lupe home world, inside a cave. Dylan springs a trap for Sasha by leaving her onboard the Maru. If she leaves the craft, she's the Leper. His plan works and she leaves the ship. Dylan spies on Sasha and Crescent before making a move. Beka and Tyr Anasazi capture Crescent but he is shot. Dylan confronts Sasha where they fight before she runs off. As she is about to assassinate Ka-Lupe, Dylan shots her, disabling her in the process. Sasha is delivered to a Commonwealth prison where it is later reported she escapes. Dylan says that she was helped by her brother.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeFor Whom the Bell Tolls

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