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The Living Legend - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

Lieutenant Starbuck and Capt. Apollo are on a routine mission when they are attacked. Much to their surprise, those attacking their Colonial Vipers are other Colonial Vipers. It soon transpires that the attacking force are from the Battlestar Pegasus, a Battlestar that was thought lost when the Cylons attacked the twelve colonies.

Starbuck and Apollo are invited onboard the Pegasus and introduced to the living legend that is Admiral Cain. Pegasus is moved to join the Galactica fleet. The two commanders, Caine and Commander Adama soon plan to work together.

The first mission using the joint task force is to capture some energy tankers however the mission doesn't work out well when the tankers are destroyed. It was Cain who destroyed them but no one is willing to reveal who it was. Adama relieves Cain of command when Cain keeps insisting on going after the nearby Cylon outpost which Adama thinks will be a suicide mission. Col. Tigh is put in charge of the Pegasus Battlestar which doesn't go down well with the crew of the Pegasus.

A large Cylon force with three Cylon Basestar move in for the attack unaware of the presence of the Pegasus who is now moving into provide defence and attack the Cylons. When the Cylons began their attack, Cain was given back control of the Pegasus,

When Cain came aboard the Galactica, he said he wanted to find Cassiopeia which upset Starbuck who was in a relationship with Cass. When Cassiopeia finds out about Cain, she goes running to him. Lieutenant Sheba, Cain's daughter is none too pleased about the reunion of the two lovers.

Part 2

A small team consisting of Starbuck, Apollo, Sheba, Boomer, Cassiopeia and Bojay are to parachute down to the planet of Gamoray to destroy weapons. Cassiopeia wasn't in the original team selection but she managed to secure herself a position on the grounds that the team needed a medtech in case things went wrong.

On Gamoray, Bojay is hit but is nursed and protected by Cassiopeia whilst the other members of the group carry out the mission. What the team didn't realise was the the Cylon's Imperious Leader was also on the planet inspecting the fort but they didn't engage with him. They did their mission, blow up their target and then get back to Galactica. As Galactica's landing bays were damaged in an earlier assault by the Cylons, the team went to Pegasus.

Cain plans a mission to take out two of the Cylon Basestars by using the Pegasus. Cain orders everyone to the Galactica. When the crews leave, Starbuck decides to hold back and persuades Apollo to do the same. The two Vipers attack the Basestars, knocking out their cannons so to make things a lot easier for the Pegasus. The Pegasus manages to destroy two of the Basestars but Count Baltar's basestar has survived. The fate of the Pegasus is not revealed.

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