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The Locket - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Moya is trapped in some kind of cloud and is unable to move. Aeryn Sun returns from an away mission on the nearby planet which disappears every so often. When Aeryn appears onboard Moya, she has aged considerably. She said she had to live her whole life down on the desolate planet. John Crichton is mortified at what has happened. He decides to stay with her and see out her days. Aeryn wants to return to the planet and John insists on going despite reservations from the other members of the crew and eventually the two return to the planet. On the planet, Crichton meets Aeryn's granddaughter but it is not Crichtons.

Years later, still keeping hold of the locket that they shared, Crichton has become an old cantankerous old man and they try to make sense of they've been doing all this time. However, up above in Moya, they have only been away a day. Stark and Pau Zotoh Zhaan perform Unity where they are able to lock heads and perform a ritual. The ritual manages to get through to Crichton before they enter the mist and are able to avoid it.

Stark reveals to Captain Ka Dargo evidence of Jothee, D'argo's son in a slave mine and D'argo is angry as he believed Stark had known about this for some time.

Episode Details

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