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The Lone and Level Sands - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

After concluding a commonwealth deal, the crew of the Eureka Maru consisting of Captain Dylan Hunt, Seamus Harper, Tyr Anasazi and Rommie are attacked by Ogami fighters. The Eureka Maru is saved when the Bellerephon comes to the Eureka's rescue. Seamus Harper recognises the name as being a ship that left Earth thousands of years ago. The crew are still alive because the space ship is affected by time dilation where space and time is slower than elsewhere.

The Ogami get onboard the Bellerephon but are defeated by the joint efforts of the crew of the Andromeda and the Bellerephon. The Captain of the Bellerephon, Metis is grateful for the help that Dylan, Tyr Anasazi and the rest of the crew provided. Metis is unable to provide much in the way of help with getting the Eureka Maru back into space. Metis would like Dylan and the others to stay with the Bellerphon.

The crew of the Bellerephon wear suits that are a nod to the costumes that the crews of the Enterprise and Deep Space Nine wear. The clothing is black with the shoulders coloured according to their rank and department.

After the Eureka doesn't turn up at the place that was arranged with Rebekah Valentine, Beka orders the Andromeda Ascendant to try and track down the Eureka Maru by looking for tell-tale slipstream signs. Also onboard the Ascendant is Trance Gemini who provides additional information for tracking down the Eureka.

Captain Metis develops a crush on Rommie even though Metis knows that Rommie is an android but Metis doesn't care. Rommie discovers that Metis always knew about slipstream flight as they had a slipstream fighter in their cargo bay.

Nayda, a senior member of the Bellerephon tells Dylan Hunt that the only way the crew of the Eureka is going to get off the ship is by helping a mutiny. Dylan tells Matis the plans of the mutiny and uses it to Dylans advantage. Dylan and Metis crush the mutiny and Dylan persuades Metis to let them go.

Dylan and his Andromeda crew and a few of the Bellerephon leave the Bellerephon in the Eureka Maru. The Andromeda Ascendant locates the Eureka Maru and reunites Dylan with his ship.

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