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The Long Patrol - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

The Galactica and its Armada of ships leave a dust field and reach a part of the galaxy that's beyond what they've been to before. There is a planet at the end of the long range scanners. Commander Adama gives the order to investigate the planet using an experimental Colonial Viper. The person at the top of the list to fly the craft is Lieutenant Starbuck.

Lieutenant Starbuck is on the Rising Sun, the entertainment ship with Cassiopeia where Lieutenant Athena decides to join him on the Sun. Starbuck has to juggle keeping the two women apart by using different rooms to entertain each one. Starbuck gets called back to the Battlestar Galactica before the women find out what is happening.

Starbuck takes the experimental craft to investigate the planet. The ship has a built in computer with a female voice called C.O.R.A. which takes a little getting used to by Starbuck. He gets involved in a chase between a fighter ship and a cargo ship. He manages to frighten off the ship. The freighter lands and Starbucks follows. The freighter pilot talks with an Irish accent. The freighter pilot knocks out Starbuck and steals the Colonial Viper. The pilot uses the Viper to contact Aries, unaware of the Cylon attack. The signals are picked up by the Cylons by Count Baltar's ship and the Galactica. Baltar deploys a number of Cylon fighter to investigate. Adama despatched Lieutenant Boomer and Capt. Apollo to find out what has happened to Starbuck.

Starbuck wakes up after being knocked out to discover that the Viper is missing so he takes the freighter into space and is picked up by an enforcer and told to land. When Starbuck lands, he is knocked out again and wakes up in prison. He discovers that there are other people in the prison and he leads a revolt against the prison guards.

Boomer and Apollo catch up with the Viper but don't attack but instead follow it. When the Viper lands so does Boomer and Apollo. They discover the truth about what has happened and head back to the prison compound. The Cylons attack but are not a match for the efforts of the Colonial Vipers. After the battle, the three colonial warriors return to the Galactica.

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