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The Lost Warrior - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

After a patrol that goes wrong, Capt. Apollo is forced to land on the planet of Equuleus. The planet is modelled very strongly on the old Wild West of the United States. Apollo is taken in by a single parent and her son Puppis. The family are being menaced by Red Eye which turns out to be a Cylon. Apollo agrees to help the woman but won't use a gun to defend them.

Commander Adama refuses to send out a search party even for his own son. During the downtime, Starbuck looks after Boxey including treating him to a gambling game. The game ends when Cassiopeia takes Boxey to bed. Both Lieutenant Boomer and Lieutenant Starbuck are both willing to search for their fallen comrade but Adama is adamant about it. Col. Tigh manages to persuade Adama to send out a small team to search for their fallen warrior. When Adama relents, Tigh sends out a patrol which he had all along ready for it.

Apollo eventually relents and decides to take on Red-Eye to free the village from the town bully. Red-Eye is the enforcer for the bully. Apollo has no problem despatching the robot and freeing the village in a shoot-out. Apollo return to his Colonial Viper and rejoins the crew after being found by Boomer and Starbuck.

The actor who played Bootes, a friend of the family would later go on to star as Colonel Decker who harrassed the A-Team which starred Dirk Benedict a.k.a Starbuck.

Episode Details

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