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Battlestar Galactica - The Magnificent Warriors

Epsiode Synopsis

After two of the three Galactica agricultural crafts are destroyed by Cylon Raiders, Commander Adama orders Capt. Apollo to find an energiser so that they can trade it for some crops on a planet they had just past. Capt Apollo find an energiser but there's a small problem, the owner wants a date with Commander Adama. Such is the importance of the energizer, Adama is pushed to meeting Siress Belloby.

Adama, Apollo, Lt. Starbuck and Lt. Boomer go down to the planet Sectar. Also going is Boxy and Muffat, the dog. Boomer and Starbuck visit the town and try to barter the energizer but no one is interested. When Boomer and Starbuck leave, they are attacked and someone steals their energizer and their vehicle. Boomer returns to the team whilst Starbuck goes back to the town.

Starbuck takes part in a card game where he seems to keep winning. He wins a shield and it turns out he's been tricked to become the new sheriff of the town to frighten off the Boray creatures. Boray are a pack humanoid like life form with lots of facial hair and a pig like complexion. Adama goes mad when he finds out what Starbuck has become. The town is attacked by the Boray and the attackers are repelled who kidnaps Siress.

The team from Battlestar go to confront the Boray and rescue Siress. When Adama can't persuade the Boray, Starbuck has a chance and wins over the Boray. Starbuck has rescued Siress and has come to a peace deal between the humans and the Boray. Adama gets the seeds he needs thanks to the peace treaty.

The name is inspired from the Magnificent Seven but for this episode its just four.

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