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The Man with Nine Lives - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

The members of Blue Squadron are having some free time and are going to spend it on the Rising Sun, a gambling and entertainments place. Lieutenant Starbuck says he has a plan to win at gambling but Capt. Apollo doesn't think so. Starbuck strikes up a friendship with an old man who has ideas on how to win.

When Starbuck and his friend are out of the room, some Borellian Nomans on a blood hunt turn up and cause an incident when one of them sets off an explosive. Lieutenant Boomer in the room takes control of the situation and orders them to leave which they do so. In the waiting bay to leave the Rising Sun, the one who set off the explosive is outcast from the others.

The new friend of Starbuck who calls himself Chameleon reveals that he could be Starbuck's father but tests need to be carried out to prove it. Earlier, on the way to the Rising Sun, Chamelon had watched a video where Starbuck was being interviewed where Starbuck revealed he was an orphan. Starbuck is eager to find out the result as to whether Chameleon is his father that he takes him to the Battlestar.

Chameleon is the name of a constellation in the southern hemisphere so its fits as to why it was chosen as a name for the character. The character was played by the highly revered singer/actor Fred Astaire.

Cassiopeia carries out a number of tests on Lieutenant Starbuck and Chameleon to determine whether they are related or not. The first test says that they are within ten generations of one another but another test will determine just how close they really are.

The Borelians use the guise of wanting to be a colonial pilot to get onto the Battlestar so that they can get to Chameleon. The ruse works and they get on the Galactica. After the Borealians are shown to their sleeping quarters, they trick their commandant to get into a supply room so that they can get a disguise so they can move around the craft. The Borealians confront Starbuck in the hanger bay, unaware that Chameleon is hiding in a Colonial Viper. When Starbuck runs down the launching chute, Chameleon shots them with the Viper guns.

Lieutenant Starbuck told Chameleon that if the tests prove positive that he'll resign his commission and come and get to know his father more. Aghast at Starbucks plans, on finding Starbuck is really is his son, Chameleon makes Cassiopeia not to Starbuck the truth which she reluctantly does. Starbuck disappointed at the news wants to keep in contact with Chameleon.

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