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The Mathematics of Tears - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt is annoyed that Trance Gemini has decided to go A.W.O.L so Rebekah Valentine in an attempt to make him happy suggests that they go and try to find a missing High Guard ship like the Andromeda Ascendant. The ship in question was lost near a planet called Herodotus. The ship is Pax Magellanic and is said to glisten like gold.

When they arrive at the location where the High Guard ship was last seen, it is now an asteroid field much like that in Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back. Despite all the asteroids, they managed to find the lost ship and Dylan, Rommie, Seamus Harper and Rebekah travel across to the ship. The visitors are attacked by the ships defences until Dylan shouts the password which is Lexa Doig followed by a series of numbers. Lexa Doig is the name of the actress who plays Rommie.

The ships captain is dead and control of the ship lies with Lieutenant Jill Pearce who is 300 years old. No one can explain how Jill is 300 years old and hasn't aged a day. They believe it to be because of something in the asteroid field. The asteroid field was created when the planet was blown up by the nietzscheans according to the crew of the Pax. The reason for the planets destruction is disputed by Tyr Anasazi who doesn't believe the nietzscheans have that kinds of weaponry but believe it to be the responsibility of The Commonwealth.

Rommie keeps trying to interface with the ships' avatar but keeps getting locked out. The ship's avatar is a woman in a leotard with her face covered whose forever dancing and keeps not giving straight answers. The Pax's avatar keeps locking Rommie out of the memory banks. Rommie finds out that Jill was responsible for the planets destruction.

When Seamus Harper manages to break into the central power room, he discovers the core is missing which is when Pax's engineer tries to kill Seamus by throwing him over the edge but Seamus gets saved by Rebekah. The two Andromedeans run to Dylan to confront Jill with the truth. Jill reveals the truth that she isn't the ships captain or even a crew member, she is the ships avatar. Dylan and his crew members run for their lives back to the Eureka Maru. Rommie begs to try to communicate with Jill and find out what happened her. Whilst Rommie and Dylan hook into the ships computers, the others have to deal with the ships robots who want to kill them.

Dylan and Rommie discover that Jill had an intimate affair with the ships captain even though he was flesh and blood and she was a robot. The captain had instructed Jill to self-destruct which Jill disobeyed and instead destroyed the planet.

The Andromeda crew return to the Andromeda when Jill initiates a missile attack and when the Andromeda responds with a light attack, the Pax self-destructs.

Rev Bem who had been on the Andromeda Ascendant through out the whole of the episode is seen to try to comfort Rommie who is upset about the death of the Pax.

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