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The Oath - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Tom Zarek and Lieutenant Felix Gaeta finally make their move to take control of the Galactica. There had been a lot of disquiet in the fleet about upgrading the Galactica fleet with technology from the Cylons. It had finally spilled out. Tom Zarek had been under arrest and was released by Gaeta. Tom Zarek was smuggled out of the Galactica onto a Colonial Raptor to take it to the Colonial One, the seat of Government.

When Captain Lee Adama sees Tom Zarek arrive, Lee leaves to return to the Battlestar Galactica. All communication to the bridge of the Galactica is being cut off by Gaeta so that neither William or Col. Saul Tigh know what is going on.

All the Cylons, Samuel Anders, Hera and Athena are taking to the brig to be held with the Caprica Number Six.

There's reports of a problem in the ship but Gaeta keeps saying everything is fine so William sends someone to investigate and when he returns, hell breaks loose. Gaeta reveals that he's taking over the ship now after a small gun fight had resulted in the death of an officer.

Lee gets on the ship and makes his way to President Laura Roslin where he meets with his father and Tigh after they had escaped captivity.

They turn to Doctor Gaius Baltar and his commune to ensure their safety. They believe the Commune will shield them and Senior Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol allows them in.

They make their way to the hidden port in the ship and get Gaius Baltar and the President off the ship. William and Saul stay behind to face off against the oncoming mutineers. The two elderly officers and disabled by a flash bang.

To Be Continued,

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