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The Others - Andromeda

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As some of the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are watching replays of past battles, they are called to the bridge as they have come across two damaged ships. Dylan Hunt orders survivors of the ships to be brought onboard. The male survivor Lach demands that Dylan hand over the female survivor from the other ship, Zara but Dylan refuses. Zara is played by Kandyse McClure, better known for her portrayal of Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series.

Both survivors accuse each other of biological warfare. Trance Gemini sees to the health of Zara who was bought onboard the Ascendant injured. When Zara is awake, Zara are Lach are bought to one another and they both want to kill each other. During the struggle, Lach bites and infects Dylan Hunt.

Dylan is infected with the virus and is stood down by Beka Valentine who assumes control. Beka orders Telemachus Rhade to take Lach down to the planet to search for a cure. During his time in Lach's camp, Lach turns on him and Rommie is despatched to rescue Telemachus which she finds tied up amongst the dead. Lach uses Telemachus Slipfighter ship to launch an attack on the others.

Beka Valentine and Seamus Harper visit Zara's camp. When news that the slip fighter that Lach has stolen is about to attack, Beka and Seamus are arrested. A sky battle ensues but the slip fighter containing Rhade and Rommie bring the attack to an end. When Lach launches a ground offensive to attack Zara's camp, Rhade appears with soldiers to capture everyone.

The two leaders are bought onto the Andromeda where Dylan reveals the source of the viruses that are killing each group. Both groups were from the same tribe but they separated out. Over time, the genetics of each group grew weaker due to inbreeding and that the cure is a mix of the two groups blood. When Dylan is injected with blood from both groups, he's cured of the disease. Dylan being a heavy worlder is able to react quicker to the virus than a normal person. The two groups if they want to survive must become one group and procreate together so there is more variation in the blood D.N.A..

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