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V - The Overlord

Epsiode Synopsis

In Rawlinsville, a small town in California is under the control of a biker gang who force the inhabitents to mine Cobalt. The area has a high concentration of Red Dust, the biological chemical that is poisonous to the Visitors. Cobalt is used in the Visitors weapons. One of the inhabitents, Gleena makes an attempt for freedom and survives.

Gleena turns up at Elias Taylor's restaurant asking for help from the Resistance. Elias tells her he is not the resistance but she convinces him to take her to the others so that she can tell them what is going on in the town. Elias takes her to the basement where Ham Tyler and Mike Donovan are about to question her. Gleena convinces Elias and Mike that it is worth the risk to free the village of Rawlinsville. Elias takes a shine to Gleena. Along with Mike and Han is Kyle Bates and Elizabeth Maxwell.

With Willie's help, the Resistance hijack a vehicle whilst dressed as policeman as the contents has equipment that can help them get into Rawlinsville.

When the Resistance head into the town, they come under attack by the Biker gang and are imprisoned in the town's jail. Ham has fortunately hidden some explosives which they use to break out of the jail and into a fight with the Bikers. Gleena betrays the resistance and turns to lead the biker group. Elias is devastated. In the end, the resistance with through.

During the episode, Dr Juliet Parrish has had to deal with Nathan Bates trying to steal information about her. Mr Chiang steals a floppy disk of Julie's but when Nathan confronts Julie with the information, the disk had been swapped out and the information of no use to Nathan.

Diana has had to deal with a follower of a banned religious order who has contacted a shadowy figure from his homeworld. Diana uses the follower as a threat to ensure the leader of the biker gang doesn't betray her.

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