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The Pearls That Were His Eyes - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Ascendant hear that two large shipping companies are merging TransGalactic and Quantum, the former led by Sam Profitt. Rebekah Valentine receives a message from her Uncle Sid which is nearly three years old. Rebekah decides to go and find him to help him and leaves in the Eureka Maru. Rebekah planned to go alone but on leaving the Andromeda Ascendant, Rebekah discovers that Trance Gemini had stowed away on board.

Dylan Hunt needs some money and decides to sell the items that he doesn't need to a Chichen trader. Some of the crew including Seamus Harper and Rommie are having a hard time getting rid of unwanted items.

Rebekah and Trance travel to a planet and get into a fight with some locals whose eyes are like white pearls after asking for information about her Uncle Sid. The women win the fight easily. They find Sid who reveals himself to be Sam Profitt. Sid is pleased to see them and is willing to offer them 10 million for information held in the Eureka Maru. Rebekah declines the offer which Sid is not too happy with.

When Rebekah and Trance return to the Maru, they are jumped upon by a group of thugs. Sid reveals he is behind the thugs and takes them back to his penthouse flat. Rebekah is interrogated by Sid and injected with the Flash drug, her eyes become white and she becomes high erratic.

Once the effects of the drugs have worn off, the women escape by jumping out of the window which they had managed to smash and land on the Eureka Maru.

The escape had been set up by Sid who had rigged the Maru to explode in space. Once in space, Rebekah realises that the nanobots in her hair might have information that Sid is after and they set about decoding a strand of hair. It turns out that Ignatius Valentine, Rebekah's father did indeed encode something in her hair. There is a video message about a Flash drug shipment and dead bodies on a ship. Sid contacts the Maru and tells them that they shouldn't have decoded the message. Beka promises not to act on the information which Sid believes her and stop the Maru from heading towards the star.

Episode Details

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