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The Prince - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Eureka Maru has docked with another ship and inside the other ship is a battle raging between Dylan Hunt, Tyr and Rebekah Valentine as they sought to end the invasion. At the end of the fight, the Andromeda crew see a king die and pass his crown to his son Eric. Eric is taken back to the Andromeda Ascendant where Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi become joint advisors to the Prince.

Trance Gemini is able to mend the wounds of a rescued member of the crew who then when he's on his own with the Prince attempts to kill the Prince. Using the skills that the Prince had been given in training with Tyr Anasazi, Prince Eric is able to disable the attacker. When distracted, the attacker attempts one last attempt at killing the king but is prevented from doing so by the Prince who kills the attacked.

The Andromeda is hailed by other ships from Eric's home world who wish to do a deal with the Prince to stand down. The Prince isn't interested. Latter on, another group of ships arrive and agree that the Prince should be coronated.

At the coronation, Tyr Anasazi is seen to be doing a deal with one of the Barons to have the Prince assassinated. It is a trap to assassinate the assassins. After the assassins are dealt with, Rommie announces the Prince who then goes onto be coronated.

Neither Rev Bem or the creative Seamus Harper appear in this episode.

Episode Details

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