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The Raid - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Commander William Adama sets out with Cpl. Tyrol and Billy Keikeya onboard a Colonial Viper to land on Kobol to find President Laura Roslin and her group.

Doctor Gaius Baltar is persuaded by the Number Six in his head to go and see the Doctor Cottle, the Galactica's chief Medical Doctor. When the Doctor attempts to do a brain scan on Gauis, the Number Six keeps interrupting and causing Gaius to bang his head. The results of the test is that there is no microchip in Gauis.

Adama manages to catch up with the other group led by Laura Roslin. When the two groups merge, Adama hugs his son Captain Lee Adama and then Lieutenant Kara Thrace . When Adama sees Lieutenant Sharon Valerii, he wants to kill her but doesn't. The enlarged group carry on to find the lost tomb of Athena.

When the group find the doorway, the arrow that Starbuck had retrieved from Caprica proved to be useless. A good push by Apollo, opens the cave and they walk in except Cpl. Tyrol who is told to watch over Lieutenant Helo and Boomer. Inside the cave, the group finds stone carvings of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac with Sagittarius missing her Arrow. When the arrow is put in place, they are transported to "Earth" where they see the direction that they need to go in. Above is the sight of Lagoon nebula which points the direction to go in.

Back on board, Adama introduces the returning President Roslin to the crew of the Battlestar Galactica then stands down to clap her. Boomer is put in the Brig and when Lieutenant Helo goes to visit, he is watched by Gaius who hears about their secret.

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