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Star Trek - Voyager - The Raven

Epsiode Synopsis

Seven of Nine starts to experience dreams of a Raven flying around and can't understand it. Later on, Borg implants start to break out on her whilst in the mess room. Captain Kathryn Janeway is currently trying to negotiate the ships route through B'omar terrority so when this incident is happening.

When the Borg side of Seven starts to make its presence stronger, Seven takes a shuttle and leaves the USS Voyager for a planetoid. Tuvok beams across onto the shuttle pod but is knocked out.

When the shuttle pod lands, they find an old United Space Federation space ship which turns out to be called 'The Raven', the ship that Seven was onboard when she was assimilated.

The two crew members, (Seven and Tuvok) explore and are then beamed back onto another shuttle pod by Tom Paris as the Raven is about to fall.

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