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The Right Horse - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Whilst Dylan Hunt is away on Commonwealth duties, Rebekah Valentine is down on the planet Veras providing a character witness for her long time friend Able Ladrone. When the judges don't believe everything that Beka is saying, Beka decides to break Able out of prison with the help of Tyr Anasazi who is waiting outside the court room. Beka takes Able back to the Andromeda Ascendant.

Tyr is in charge of the Andromeda Ascendant and allows the judges to come to the Andromeda Ascendant to discuss the situation. Beka takes the Eureka Maru with Able away from the Andromeda.

The two main people from the planet are the Marshall and Lyra who Seamus Harper falls head over heels in love with and doesn't hide it. He flaunts with Lyra by mentioning the constellation amongst other things.

After a brief discussion, Rommie and Tyr Anasazi leave the Andromeda to join up with the Maru. Onboard the Maru, Beka Valentine is in the throws of making love to Abel when the Eureka is boarded by mercenaries. The mercenaries were hired by Technocore who Able had stolen technology from. Beka and Able are able to fight off some but eventually Rommie and Tyr arrive to take out the remaining personnel. Everyone returns to the Ascendant.

Seamus is finally getting somewhere with a woman when Beka intervenes and pulls Seamus away. Beka is angry that Seamus has discovered that Able is not the person she thought he was as the DNA doesn't match.

The Andromeda is surrounded by slip fighters as Dylan Hunt arrives back. Seamus is able to trick the other slip fighters that there are more on Andromeda's side than there really are. Its a stalemate.

Able pulls a gun on Dylan who shoots back at Able, therefore killing him. The Marshall and Lyra return back to the planet. Dylan and Seamus reveal to Beka that it was all smoke and mirrors and that a drone was killed.

Dylan is pleased as he has some information of Technocore. When Seamus makes a comment on his love life, Trance Gemini gets a bit uneasy and runs away.

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