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The Risk All Point - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt and fellow crew members Tyr Anasazi and Rebekah Valentine take the Eureka Maru to visit the Crimson Sunrise. The Crimson Sunrise is the first Commonwealth ship to have been built in over 300 years. On their way there, they come into contact with craft from the Kendra Nietzschean Pride. Dylan gets to the Crimson to warn them of the approaching Kendra.

The Crimson explodes and nearly everyone makes it to the escape pods. The Eureka Maru tries to rescue as many pods as possible. Some of the survivors are bought onboard the Maru whilst others have to stay in the pods. Fights break out between the Nietzscheans and the humans.

It becomes apparent that the Crimson was sabotaged and now the saboteur could be onboard the Maru. The First Officer is located, a female Nietzschean is bought onboard the Maru. With Tyr Anasazi's help, First Officer Erin discovers and disarms a bomb in one of the escape pods.

When one of the Nietzscheans has another fight, the Nietzschean decides to leave and leaves in an escape pod. Tyr Anasazi and Dylan Hunt follow in another pod but get stranded.

Rebekah Valentine and Erin have to deal with the incoming Kendra Pride, first time they fool them into thinking the Maru is going in the other direction. The second time, Erin tricks the Kendra and then uses the escape pods at the Kendra ships, destroying two of them.

Dylan and Tyr are running out of air and time when Dylan comes up with an idea to fire their rockets. The plan works and the Maru picks up the escape pod.

Rommie announces to everyone that they are safe when the Andromeda Ascendant arrives. The Senator who at the start of the episode was on her high horse is arrested for being an imposter. It turns out that it wasn't sabotage after all but a rare event.

Episode Details

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