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Battlestar Galactica - The Road Less Traveled

Epsiode Synopsis

The Demetrius spaceship captained by Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) has been away from the Galactica fleet for nearly sixty days and the crew is getting a bit restless. Hot Dog and Kara are on a scouting mission and come across a Cylon spacecraft which beams messages to Kara. The messages are coming from Leoben Conoy, one of the Cylon models. They dock with the Cylon craft and take the prisoner onboard.

Cpl. Tyrol has now shaved his head and is still coming to terms with his loss of his wife Cally ( Battlestar ) and goes to one of Dr. Gaius Baltar's speeches. When Tyrol goes to leave, Gaius catches him and then there's a verbal confrontation between the two but no fists flying. Later on in the episode, against his followers wishes, Gaius visits Tyrol in his bedroom. Gaius tries to make it up to Tyrol and in the end, they shake hands.

The clone they have captured on the Demetrius is the same one that was manipulating Kara on New Caprica. Leoben reveals to Samuel Anders that civil war has broken out between the Cylons. Kara wants to take advantage of the situation but the others aren't so sure. By the end of the episode, Kara orders Lt. Helo to jump but he stands down then Lt. Felix Gaeta also ignores Kara's request. Helo tells Kara that she's been stood down and that he's now in command and that they are to rejoin the fleet.

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