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V - The Sanction

Epsiode Synopsis

Begins with Diana running along the corridors of the Visitors Embassy with a gun. She is being chased by a visitor in black who is later identified as Claus, a martial arts and tracker expert.

After Claus has made his kill, Diana is revealed to be another visitor with her face. The Visitors train their army personnel with live kills. If they can't make the practice runs, they should not be allowed out onto the field.

Mike Donovan is obsessed with trying to rescue his son, Sean who is being mind-controlled by Diana. He breaks into the compound where Sean is being trained by Claus. He manages to evade capture but is chased by Claus however, manages to evade escape with the use of an oil slick.

Kyle Bates, son of the businessman Nathan Bates tries to join the resistance but first attempts fail. When Elizabeth Maxwell, the star Child leaves the safety of the Resistance Cafe, she causes an incident as she sees her mum enter the cinema. Kyle who was outside manages to rescue her and drive away on a motorbike.

Claus manages to catch up with the Donovans and Mike and Claus fight it out whilst Sean leaves and heads back to the Embassy. On the way back, Ham drives past and catches up with the teenager and offers him a ride which he grudgingly accepts. The journey doesn't last long before Sean escapes from Ham and heads back to the embassy.

Mike manages to escape Claus and return to the rest of the resistance. Claus returns to the Embassy. With Ham's help, Mike returns to the Embassy to try and win Sean back. Donovan and Claus face one another again but this time there is a final outcome before Mike escapes.

No points for guessing who wins.

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