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The Shards Of Rimni - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt receives a message in the form of a physical delivery. After Dylan has review the message, he cancels what seems like Seamus Harper was about to go on holiday to take him with him. Dylan and Seamus visit a space station where Seamus breaks into a room where they find a dead body. A minute later, the space station security arrive and arrest both men. The men are put in a cell but are later released by one of the guards.

Galactic Security comes to the Andromeda Ascendant demanding they hand over the wanted men. Beka decides to do a runner with the others in agreement. Rommie turns the Ascendant about face and jumps to slipstream with security following.

Tyr Anasazi is now without his bone blades or wrist guard, items that identify Nietzscheans. Rommie is wearing a more revealing custome and Trance Gemini's hair no longer has horn like items in it.

Dylan and Seamus must prove their innocence by tracking down members of a group and collecting shards of Rimni. Once all the shards are put together, the resulting vase is priceless. The first person on the list be found, Abelard is found in a cave but its not quite clear where the cave is, whether its on a planet or on an asteroid. Abelard joins the men to track down the killer.

The second person on the list is on a planet which the three men manage to track down. Dylan receives a message to come and meet someone called Zeus on the Drift space station.

Dylan and Zeus meet at a restaurant where after pleasentaries, Zeus wants the shards but a fight breaks out and Zeus escapes. Dylan is told he needs to bring the shards to Zeus or Abelard is killed. Dylan obliges and visits Zeus where Abelard is revealed to be in on it with Zeus.

After a fight involving Dylan, Zeus, Seamus and Abelard, Dylan manages to make Abelard confess to the crimes. The confession is relayed to the Andromeda Ascendant which Beka Valentine then relays to security. Dylan are no longer wanted.

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